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Why was my money sent back to me?
Why was my money sent back to me?
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To ensure that your bitcoin purchase is successfully executed, there must be an open order in the Relai app where the following criteria from the buy order must match your bank transfer exactly:

  1. The details of the buy order in the Relai app should precisely match the transaction you initiate from your bank.

  2. The payment method used for the bank transfer must be solely under your own name.

Your money will be returned immediately and automatically to your bank account if a criterion doesn't match. In the event of a transaction refund, we charge a CHF 2.50 or EUR 0.94 fee.

Please note that as of version 2.0.0, Relai has a different IBAN and you are no longer required to input a payment message as the app recognizes that the payment is coming from you based on your IBAN, currency, and amount.

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