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How can I receive Lightning BTC?
How can I receive Lightning BTC?
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Follow the steps below to generate a Lightning-Invoice to receive Lightning BTC:

  1. Open the Relai app.

  2. Change under -> Profile -> Units from BTC to SATS.

  3. Navigate to -> (+) -> Receive.

  4. Click on Lightning wallet in the top right corner.

  5. Now you can specify the amount you would like to receive in CHF/EUR or SATS.

  6. Click on the two small arrows next to the amount to switch between CHF/EUR and SATS.

  7. Enter the amount you would like to receive.

  8. Click on 'Next'.

  9. A Lightning-Invoice is now generated.

  10. Either the sender scans the QR code or you copy the invoice and send it to the sender via a Messenger.

  11. Please note that Lightning-Invoices are only valid for one hour. After that, they expire. The sender must therefore make the payment within one hour.

  12. Your Relai app must be open to receive Lighting BTC. Do not close your Relai app until you have received the payment.

  13. Please note that static Lightning addresses and QR-codes are not yet supported.

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