Since Thursday, 15.09.22 we no longer support payments to our Luxembourg IBAN from Olky Bank.

If you have made a transfer to the Luxembourg IBAN since Thursday, 15.09.22, your already sent transfer to this bank account will be refunded automatically within 7 - 10 days.

Please ONLY use the following former Swiss EURO bank account for future transfers:

IBAN: CH4708799934569101814

Recipient: Relai AG

Adresse: Langstrasse 136 8004 Zurich Switzerland


Bank Adresse: InCore Bank AG, Wiesenstrasse 17, 8952 Schlieren/Zürich

If you have an auto investment plan, please change your standing order with your bank to make future payments to the bank details above.

You do not need to cancel or change the auto investment plan in the app.

Instant SEPA buys are currently not possible. Shortly, we will offer you the possibility to buy the DIP instantly with your credit card and apple/Google Pay.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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